What happens in Colorado Stays in Colorado

This is  a weekend getaway to Colorado Rocky Mountains.  It’s a well spent weekend with my friends whom i met them after a long time, did some hiking near the Bear lake at Estes Park  and Rock climbing at Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs

Day 1: Rocky Mountains, Estes Park, Bear Lake

We Drove straight from  Denver airport to  visit Rocky Mountain National Park. I used my Annual Membership Park Pass which I bought during my visit to Arches National Park , more info here as how I saved some bucks buying the annual membership ( https://travelmadness360.com/2017/03/08/solo-utah-backpacking/) . I highly recommend it to buy the annual membership pass if you are really into visiting National Parks during the year. A word of caution though, never lose the membership card, there is no way for them to track your id and issue a new one. You need to buy a new pass if you lose it.

Happened to spot a double rainbow in the driveway middle of somewhere near Estes park. I was thrilled since it was my first time watching a double rainbow. We were just driving through the high passes in the park until a point where the gates were closed for no further access to any vehicle.

Double Rainbow in Estes

We reached the Bear lake in the Estes park for an evening hike. It was so serene and secluded during that evening. It’s an easy hike. There are couple of other worth watching trails like Alberta falls etc but we did not had much time with us. We headed down to Denver to stay overnight in a hotel

Day 2: Rock Climbing at Garden of Gods

Being an Outdoorsy and athletic person, travel is always fun when it is combined with any challenging activity. It will make you learn new things and push more than your limits. Rock climbing is always one in that list. I chipped in the idea of Rock Climbing with my friends and we all agreed to do it.

We reserved our Rock climbing half day event at Garden of Gods in Colorado Springs through Colorado Climbing ( www.coclimbing.com). Brett who was our guide was so cool, professional and I really enjoyed climbing there. I will definitely recommend them and would love to sign up again with them for winter rock climbing.

Visited few vista points near the park  like balanced rock etc before heading down to Denver to catch the next day morning flight back to San Francisco for an usual routine

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