Limekiln Camping, Big Sur

A quick scenic getaway in Big Sur, California. I completely loved camping here. Those Coastal sounds, ocean campsite overlook’s and redwoods make me feel life is beautiful and there is a lot to explore.

On a beautiful saturday evening, I reached the Limekiln state park which is in the south of Big Sur area and much to my surprise I found out that the state park accepts only cash to reserve the campsite when you do not book your campground online in advance. Luckily, a mile from the state park there is Lucia Lodging which does have atm. I quickly withdrew the money with a service charge of $4.50 and did pay for my campground. I was lucky to get a site which has a coastal view. I quickly immersed myself watching the sun going down the horizon, thought to myself that I wasn’t late for the party and started to prepare my dinner for the night.

I did try and thought to write something in my diary and I ended up sleeping due to those constant coastal sounds echoing with my diary unmoved from my sleeping area. I woke up around 6.30 AM next morning, started to pack my tent and then cooked myself a quick breakfast to start my early morning hike  down to Limekiln Trail.

Sunrise @limekiln

There is a view point down near the entrance which leads to the coast with a sign saying warning for high currents and no life guard and I wasn’t surprised why there was a warning board after seeing few heavy currents gushing down the rocks. I sat and took few heavy breaths to enjoy the view before I started my hike to Limekiln.

Limekiln Trail is an easy half-mile hike that takes you through the redwoods, streams, wooden bridges and eventually leads to the gigantic furnaces. As per the Park’s information, they say it once supplied lime used for mortar in San Francisco’s brick building and then closed since its depletion. There is also a Falls Trail on the way to Limekiln which is a 100- foot waterfall. I did not get a chance to hike Falls Trail since I need to cross a stream along the way and I did not have gaiters to protect my legs from the water. But it’s a worth scenic point to explore.


The check out time at Limekiln is at 12 in the morning. There are a few easy hike vista points near the Limekiln state park like Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park, Bixby creek bridge and the highway 1 is full of views where you won’t get disappointed a second of your time. The below VR is Julie Pfeiffer burns waterfall point.


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