Christmas Affair in San Francisco

It’s a Christmas eve and what can you expect? Everything except snow here in North Bay, California. I did my usual gym routine and was thinking what should I do? I quickly had a look at my newly bought Manfrotto  MKCOMPACTACN black action tripod and thought to myself why not some action for tonight. 

I took two of my friends along with me to Mountain View Downtown, California for some long exposure shots. Needless to say, it was mostly like a ghost town due to the holiday. I parked my car and started to walk around the street side to pick up a good intersection point for some long exposure shots. I found one at Agave Mexican restaurant and then waited for some time to get this one.


Some random thoughts were going in my head while coming back home and my innate feeling was asking me why home and why not San Francisco Golden Gate. I quickly asked my friend to reroute the GPS to Golden Gate. We had a small layover for dinner in the city and then headed down to Battery Spencer point for a Golden Gate bridge postcard.


A person like me will not be satisfied for less, greed is a part of human nature. I thought to myself I should go to Sausalito to find any interesting landscapes. I was lucky to find one which I have never noticed it before. I liked the monochrome of the Bay Bridge taken down from Sausalito.


So that’s how my 2016 Christmas night ended at 2 am next morning with some good memories to share and remember.


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